How it Works

Okay.. Someone Was an asshole and you want to let it be known.

Here is how it works;

- You can post your report in your own words.
You may remain anonymous or include your name on the report. It is up to you!
- You can publish the asshole's name or insinuate as to who it is.
- You can publish the asshole's license plate if it was vehicle related.
- You can Describe how you were treated, comment on the way you were treated.
- Tell the asshole off, and how you would like the asshole to make amends for treating you that way.


1. Give the Company or Individual's information, name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and web address.
2. Title your report using descriptive words, describing what they did to you.
3. Describe what happened.
4. Categorize your report by selecting from our list of categories.
5. CLICK ON Save, and let the fun begin!

Your Privacy;

- Don't even worry about it. We do not ask for your address or phone. (want to make up a fake name go ahead!)
- All you need to do is Register with a user name and email. (we will not sell or give your email to anyone).
- We will not give up your email address to anyone without a court ordered subpoena!
- We want you to be able to vent your situation without fear of giving up your anonymity.
(but if your really pissed and have balls you will post your name to  
really let the asshole who you are)

Types of Assholes;

You can report anyone that has acted like an asshole.
Here are some suggestions but you are not limited to these;

  • Random Person you encountered
  • Employee of a business
  • Business
  • Boss
  • Boy Friend/Girlfriend
  • Husband/Wife
  • Brother/Sister or Family Member
  • Government Official
  • Telemarketer
  • Collection Agency
  • Bank
  • Insurance Company
  • Craig's List Poster
  • Landlord