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Meg Othman Khan loves anal sex

Megawati Othman had extra-marital anal sex (and other kinds of sex, of course) with many other men until her first husband ended the relationship when he found out.Meg loves anal

Meg Othman even took men back to her workplace at the Singapore Press Holdings office on Genting Lane for late-night encounters. There were also foreign men she had very brief probing “relationships” with after meeting them through Internet dating services.

Not bad at all. I can vouch for that. Nothing to complain about.

In his petition for divorce, her husband cited "irreconcilable differences in rectal-probing techniques".

However, still all very sordid, quite apart from exerting some serious wear and tear on the ringpiece, we would imagine. I expect her current husband, Safhras Khan, would be able to provide more information about this.


Buy my asshole husband's bullseye guitar


Here you go husband got another girl pregnant, and left me high and dry. I have to pay all our bills and mortgage, and the only the way I can think of is to sell his stuff. He has a few guitars, but I know this one is special to him so it goes first. Since he wants to leave and leave his stuff behind, I'm selling it. My lawyer tells me that his stuff is my stuff, so whoever wants this, just shoot me an offer. Please, local to Indianapolis only. I also have a motorcycle I'll be listing here later. I don't knows anything about guitars, but its worth something, so take a look and then let me know. Everything has to go before the first of next month.



I'm pregnant, sick with the flu and have a double eye infection.


I'm pregnant, sick with the flu and have a double eye infection. Our son is also sick with the flu and I haven't left the house in the last few weeks for anything except grocery shopping and to go to DR's appts. My husband has volunteered three times this week to take extra shifts for a guy at work to give him a break and has hardly been home all week. To make matters worse our son has been really acting out and driving me crazy so I was looking forward to him being home tonight. This morning he announced that he's going out after work tonight to unwind and I'm a wee bit cranky about it, although I've said nothing. I honestly don't have the energy to argue with him right now. I might be being selfish but I resent the idea that he's going out instead of coming home and giving me some relief so I can rest, especially since he saw fit to take extra shifts to help someone else. I get that he needs time for himself, but so do I and this couldn't have came at a worse time. I have a Dr's appt. tomorrow morning, I know he's going to be hung over and cranky because he has to watch our son for me to go and I'm going to have to kick his ass to get him to act right. LOL

So, am I being the insensitive asshole or is he?

For the record, I should have mentioned that I've let him know that I needed a break. I even told him I was actually looking forward to going to the doctor (isn't that sick? lol) because I needed the hour or so worth of peace and quiet.