Asshole Deadbeat Dad

Asshole Dead Beat Dad

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Lying Cheating Deadbeat Dad

George Keyser: sociopath pathological liar Dead Beat Dad


Joshua Troxell would rather suck at guitar than visit his children!

Joshua Troxell shares legal custody of his children, and the visitation agreement allows him to visit his children once a week, every other weekend, one full week each month, and one full month in the summer- not to mention holidays. Also, the mother has made it clear on multiple occasions that he can see them-with notice- ANY TIME.

Yet, he only SEES his children about once every six months or less. He sees them more often when he has a girlfriend.

He got away with not paying child support for YEARS because he would work for cash under the table. He had a hard time getting a legitimate job because he went to work high on drugs and almost burned down the Phoenix Tower, nearly lost his electrical license. But really, why would you work above the table when you know your wages would be garnished? Why would you get a legitimate job when that would then prove to the courts that you are capable of making over $2K per month MORE than what you have reported to the courts? Remember, he supported a family of 4 by himself before the divorce. Can't afford $250 a month in child support? Not when you're high on crack. Not when you get a new tattoo every few months. Not when you're constantly dying your hair to look more punk. Not when you buy at least 2 new guitars, new amps, and other new musical equipment instead of paying support. Not when you date one bimbo after another.

If you are considering dating this man, you should know the following:

He has seen his children two times this year.

He only began paying child support when his wages were garnished.

He LIES and says the mother of his children KEEPS the children from him. This is entirely laughable!

He DOES NOT write poetry.

He HAS been in jail several times, including a prison sentence for DISTRIBUTION OF METHAMPHETAMINES.

He does meth and cocaine but prefers meth. He does not think he is an addict.

He is NOT IN A BAND! He keeps auditioning, no one will take him. Because he sucks.

He pees the bed in his sleep when he is drunk.

His second child was conceived as a product of RAPE.

Don't be stupid! Don't date this man!