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Jacqueline Wu sleeps with bosses at Singapore Press Holdings

Wu the willingJacqueline Wu advances her career at Singapore Press Holdings by being more than friendly with superiors (usually married) who are in a position to return her favours. Because she gets ahead this way, others who choose not to lower themselves – or do not have what she has to offer – lose out on promotions, advancements and salary increases.

This is extremely unfair and is supposedly against the policy of the company, yet it is a ripoff of the worst kind that has continued for years. It is also apparently the explanation for Jacqueline Wu, supposedly a creative editor (self styled), being unable to keep boyfriends and husbands over the years. The latest to become an ex spouse is one Martin Boey, in Government/Corporate Advertising Sales at Singapore Press Holdings.

For example, one superior who returned Jacqueline Wu's favours was Ken Jalleh Junior, during his term as head of the now-defunct Streats tabloid. He and Jacqueline just happened to take vacations and long weekends at the same time. And Ms Wu, of course, received several concurrent upgrades to her employment status and her pay. After Mr Jalleh was removed from his position, Jacqueline was a little more covert in her approaches to his successor, Paul Jansen, but it became obvious that communication and contact between them was beyond what could be considered professional or appropriate, and inevitably she continued to gain and prosper from that situation.

Meanwhile, those of us who had what Ms Wu was selling but were not in the business of trading it were overlooked, even though we had earned our advances by doing our jobs in an infinitely more professional way than she operated.

Jacqueline Wu's modus operandi continues unabated to this day.

We see a report like this as our only recourse, as we fear a backlash if we attempt to have this grossly unfair practice dealt with through the official channels at Singapore Press Holdings.

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